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For The Love of It with Dewitt Jones Loving your job has less to do with the work itself than the attitude you bring to it.

During his long career with National Geographic, Dewitt Jones has photographed people around the world who love what they do. In his film, For the Love of It, he draws on lessons he has learned to help you find the positive in all that you do.

Jones shows you how to increase your team’s enthusiasm and commitment by:
  • “Filling your cup” with what motivates you.
  • Finding “guides” to share different perspectives.
  • Expressing gratitude.
  • Turning less-than-perfect situations into positive opportunities.

For the Love of It
will help you build a more engaged team. You’ll provide better service and solve more problems. Your team will come to work ready to make a contribution and leave with a deep fulfillment. And it all starts with attitude.

Program Details:
Length: 25 Minutes
Price: $795.00
Rental: $295.00
Preview: FREE
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Discounts: Consultant, Education, Government & Non-Profit

Includes: DVD, CD-ROM with Rainbow Pigeons Meeting Opener, PowerPoint™ Presentation, Leader’s Guide and Workbook.

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Workbook (pdf)
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PowerPoint™ Presentation (pdf)
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For The Love of It with Dewitt Jones

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