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Juice: A Short Film by Dewitt Jones Does your organization have “juice?”

In Juice, a short film by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones, he is on a photo assignment in the Rockies when he meets a young boy named Adam. Like Jones, Adam has a “camera” (which is actually a drinking cup).

When Adam asks if he can take “pictures” too, Jones agrees, figuring the boy will quickly lose interest. But Adam stays with Jones throughout the entire shoot, snapping imaginary photos with great enthusiasm, determination and focus.

As Jones sets up his last shot, Adam says to Jones, “Does your camera have juice in it?”

“No,” Jones says.

“Mine does!” Adam says, smiling widely.

For Jones, it was an amazing lesson. “Juice” isn’t what’s inside a camera that doubles as a drinking cup. “Juice” is what’s inside each of us—our passion, drive and enthusiasm.

Teams with “juice” can accomplish great things. Juice will help your team find and use the energy that is inside each of you. It’s an inspiring way to begin any meeting or initiative that demands commitment and energy.

Program Details:
Length: 3 Minutes
Price: $395.00
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Discounts: Consultant, Education, Government & Non-Profit

Includes: Support materials will be provided on the DVD including: Learning Guide, Transcript and PowerPoint™ Presentation.

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Juice - A Short Film by Dewitt Jones

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