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More Than One Right Answer with Dewitt Jones As a renowned photographer for National Geographic, Dewitt Jones learned there are many ways to find a creative solution. A new lens can reveal a fresh perspective. Shot from a different angle, a good photo can become a great one.

In his video, More Than One Right Answer, Jones explains why looking beyond the obvious gives organizations a better chance of success.

He shows how seeking new perspectives helps you:
  • Increase your ability to innovate.
  • Challenge well-worn policies that hinder progress.
  • See change as an opportunity, not a problem.
  • Create new insights that lead to unexpected solutions.

As a meeting opener or conversation starter, this short, enlightening video is perfect for any organization that wants to open people’s minds to new ways of thinking.

Program Details:
Length: 3 Minutes
Price: $395.00
Preview: FREE
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Support materials will be provided on the DVD including: Learning Guide, Group Exercises, Transcript and PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Preview the support materials:
Learning Guide (pdf)
Group Exercises (pdf)
PowerPoint™ Presentation (pdf)
Transcript of the film (pdf)

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More Than One Right Answer with Dewitt Jones

More Than One Right Answer Sale DVD