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Focus Your Vision with Dewitt Jones In his 20 years as a photographer for National Geographic, Dewitt Jones captured some of the magazine’s most powerful images. Every one had a clear, focused vision. In his video Focus Your Vision, Jones shows you how to focus on your goals, whether it’s leading a team or completing a project.

He shares strategies that help your team stay on target, including:
  • Slowing down to clarify your direction.
  • Trusting your intuition.
  • Keeping the best and getting rid of the rest.
  • Making your vision big enough.
  • The importance of “juice”.

Focus Your Vision helps you work efficiently and purposefully. It unites your team around a common purpose. Focus is the difference between simply expressing a vision and actually achieving it.

Program Details:
Length: 20 Minutes
Price: $795.00
Rental: $295.00
Preview: FREE
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Discounts: Consultant, Education, Government & Non-Profit

Includes: DVD, CD-ROM with Leader’s Guide, Workbook, and PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Preview the support materials:
Leader's Guide (pdf)
Workbook (pdf)
Pocket Reminder Card (pdf)
PowerPoint™ Presentation (pdf)
Transcript (pdf)
Vision Analysis for the Trainer (pdf)

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Focus Your Vision with Dewitt Jones

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