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Celebrate What’s Right With The World with Dewitt Jones As a photographer for National Geographic, Dewitt Jones traveled to many locations. Some were spectacular, others bleak, yet he always found a way to capture a memorable image. His secret? No matter what the situation, he focused on what was possible, not on what was missing.

In his video Celebrate What’s Right With The World, Jones shows how a positive perspective helps you accomplish your goals, solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Jones demonstrates why:
  • You have to believe in the answer before you can see it.
  • Focusing on what’s right gives you the energy to fix what’s wrong.
  • Taking advantage of change requires seeing what’s gained rather than what’s lost.
  • It’s essential to push yourself to your “edge”.

Celebrate What’s Right With The World will increase your team’s morale, energy and creativity. It will help you to approach all your challenges with a sense of what’s possible.

Program Details:
Length: 22 Minutes
Price: $795.00
Rental: $295.00
Preview: FREE
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Discounts: Consultant, Education, Government & Non-Profit

Includes: Support materials will be provided on the DVD including: Leader’s Guide, Workbook, Transcript and PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Preview the support materials:
Leader’s Guide (pdf)
Workbook (pdf)
Pocket Reminder Cards (pdf)
PowerPoint™ Presentation (pdf)
Transcript of the film (pdf)

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Celebrate What's Right With The World with Dewitt Jones

Celebrate What's Right With the World Sale DVD