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Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones Successful organizations don’t just need a few employees to be creative. They need everyone to be creative.

The problem is we usually see creativity as a gift limited to a few. But creativity is really an attitude anyone on your team can use to generate great ideas.

In Everyday Creativity, National Geographic photographer DeWitt Jones shows you how to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. In this video he shares techniques anyone can use to approach everyday tasks more creatively, such as:
  • Adjusting the “angle” of your perspective.
  • Looking for more than one right answer.
  • Using mistakes to point toward solutions.
  • Breaking well-worn patterns.

These practical strategies will help your team find new solutions that improve your business, whether it’s serving customers or designing more efficient processes. It will encourage a culture where everyone contributes great ideas, improving trust and teamwork. And it will build confident, proactive employees.

Program Details:
Length: 22 Minutes
Price: $795.00
5 Day Rental: $295.00
Industry Discounts Apply
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Discounts: Consultant, Education, Government & Non-Profit

Includes: Support materials provided on the DVD include: Leader’s Guide, Workbook, Transcript and PowerPoint™ Presentation.

Preview the support materials:
Leader's Guide (pdf)
Workbook (pdf)
PowerPoint™ Presentation (pdf)

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Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones

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