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FISH! For Leaders: Make Their Day
The best leaders know that people need more than salaries and benefits to excel. They also need to feel valued.

One of the best ways for leaders to make someone’s day—or month, or year, or life—is to show them how much you appreciate them. The simplest gestures, such as thanking people, recognizing their efforts and giving them a voice, fulfill emotional needs that are too often ignored on the job.

Make Their Day, part of the FISH! For Leaders Series, shows leaders how to fuel commitment and teamwork through acknowledgement and appreciation.

Make Their Day will help you:
  • Celebrate everyday actions that strengthen the team’s commitment to its values.
  • Recognize people in the moment, when it matters most.
  • Increase trust and teamwork.
  • Give specific praise that encourages people to do it again.
  • Encourage people to achieve more than they thought they could achieve.

Program includes video (7 minutes) and downloadable support materials (facilitator’s guide, assessment tool and PowerPoint slides; link listed on DVD cover).

Participant workbooks for each FISH! For Leaders program are sold separately at $8.50 each.

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Each FISH! For Leaders program is $299. Buy all six programs at one time for just $999;
a savings of $795!

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