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Hospitality From the Heart
At Furr’s Family Dining, every meal comes with an extra helping of fun and friendliness.

In this fast-paced program, see how the people of Furr’s use The FISH! Philosophy to make every customer feel like family. “It’s not rocket science,” one manager says, just a commitment to the little things like greeting people warmly and taking a sincere interest in who they are, not just what they are ordering.

Furr’s staff, from the CEO to the servers, show how FISH! motivates them to “give more of themselves” to customers and coworkers.  

Hospitality From The Heart serves up a simple message for any team that wants to create an unbelievable experience for its customers. It reminds you that:
  • People are hungry for a human connection, not just food.
  • You can make someone’s day with a compliment or just remembering their name.
  • Great service includes sincerity and listening. 
  • Every employee, no matter what their job, can make customers feel welcome.


Hospitality From The Heart

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