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Classroom Experience

Every school year, the average teacher loses 400 hours of instructional time dealing with behavior issues. The FISH! For Schools Classroom Experience helps you regain that precious time.

It helps you and your students:
  • Create behavioral expectations that are owned by everyone in class.
  • Live The FISH! Philosophy in a way that meets your goals.
  • Build a caring community where everyone feels safe and ready to learn.
  • Develop character, empathy and personal responsibility.

Each Classroom Experience kit includes:
  • Student FISH! video - Blends the best of the original FISH! video with footage of students explaining how they live the philosophy. It's a great way to show your students how these behaviors relate to their lives. Watch the preview.
  • Teacher guide with age-appropriate conversation starters and activities to help students understand FISH! behaviors and practice what they've learned. Includes CD with activity reproducibles.
  • Posters to reinforce each FISH! behavior
  • Music CD (K-2 and 3-5 only)
  • Pete the Perch puppet (K-2 only)

View sample activities by grade level:

Grades K-2 Classroom Experience K-2
Teaches caring and personal responsibility through storytelling, puppetry, music, art and other engaging activities. Purchase includes a Pete the Perch puppet.
K-2 Sample Lesson (pdf)

Grades 3-5 Classroom Experience 3-5

As students grow more independent and skilled at observing the world, they hypothesize ways to improve their school experience—and carry out experiments to test their hypotheses—building self-confidence about their ability to shape their own environment.
3-5 Sample Lesson (pdf)

Grades 6-8Classroom Experience 6-8
Forges leadership skills as students face the pressure of adolescence and trying to fit in. Activities focus on helping students understand they have the power to make healthy choices for themselves—as well as choices that build up other people.
6-8 Sample Lesson (pdf)

Grades 9-12
Classroom Experience 9-12
Geared to multiple learning styles that can be done in a homeroom setting in shorter time periods. Conversations and activities help students as they transition into adulthood, practicing skills that will help them succeed in their jobs and relationships.
9-12 Sample Lesson (pdf)

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