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It's A Way Not A Day

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Effective organizations don’t just put their values into a document, they put their values into action.

Meet an organization with 98% customer satisfaction and 97% employee retention. They’re successful because they have developed a process to keep their values
at the center of everything they do.

In this new program, you will learn how to bring your values to life with three simple steps:

Proclaim It
When you tell customers what you stand for, they expect it of you—and you expect it of yourself.

Live It

An effective team consistently lives the values it says it believes in. Your values point you toward behaviors that fulfill your mission, and away from behaviors that don’t.

Celebrate It

When you celebrate each other for living your values, people know they are appreciated, increasing their engagement.

No matter what your industry, this program will help you put your values into action with more consistency and commitment.

Program includes: DVD, digital Leader Guide and PowerPoint.

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It's a Way Not a Day

English - 22 min
It's a Way Not a Day Sale DVD
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