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Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.
Our FISH! For Schools LIVE Workshop will re-energize you and give you the tools to create a culture that makes learning easier and more effective. Build a place where students treat peers and adults with respect, and have fun in a way that adds to the excitement of learning, rather than take away from it. It is about creating a place your students – and YOU! – look forward to coming to every day.

FISH! For Schools LIVE is a starting point to help you achieve the success you want. Our mission is to help schools be productive, safe, caring, respectful and fun for both students and educators. Meet the team that will help you create a more engaged classroom.

Our FISH! For Schools LIVE Workshop will:
  • Nurture a productive, joyful learning environment
  • Build more effective relationships with students
  • Develop clear behavioral expectations shared and owned by everyone
  • Create a place where it is safe to be yourself, and safe to take chances with learning

FISH! For Schools is a powerful curriculum, designed by educators for educators. FISH! For Schools implements strategies based on sound educational research, using The FISH! Philosophy to make it fun and enjoyable.

Your tuition includes:
  • 1 1/2 days of intensive personal and professional development
  • The complete FISH! For Schools Curriculum Package for the grade level that you work most directly with along with all the staff development materials. This curriculum package alone is valued at $375.
  • Dinner on the evening of day one, continental breakfast and lunch served on day two

“I wish my entire staff could be here... Best professional workshop I’ve ever been to!” -School Administrator.

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“Facilitating student learning is not simply a matter of placing young people in educative environments, for teachers must also motivate them, capturing their minds and hearts and engaging them actively in learning.”
– What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Arlington, VA. (2002)

For more information call Kris at 800-328-3789.

FISH! For Schools Live

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