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FISH! Tales: Jump Start FISH! Tales Complete Series DVD

FISH! Tales: Building Trust
See how successful The FISH! Philosophy can be in labor-based industries and learn how the team members at Tile Tech improved teamwork, service and safety by being present, playful and fully committed to The FISH! Philosophy. Inspire your employees with Tile Tech's amazing transformation!

FISH! Tales: Jump Start
See how Rochester Ford Toyota that had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region changed a new philosophy—The FISH! Philosophy— watch how everything changed! Learn how to apply the lessons learned at Rochester Ford Toyota to your organization. Improve teamwork, and find out how to make your customers' needs and your team's needs one in the same! Give morale and enthusiasm a jump start!

FISH! Tales: Peak Experience

In FISH! Tales: Peak Experience, Aspen Skiing Company saw real results such as phenomenal growth, increased employee satisfaction and, above all, improved customer service. This FISH! Tale will show you how it’s done. See how successful The FISH! Philosophy can be in the hospitality industry! Inspire employees with the Aspen Skiing Company's fun approach to service!

FISH! Tales: Vital Signs

Find out how the principles of The FISH! Philosophy helped Missouri Baptist overcome even the most difficult of situations, and how you can do the same. Be inspired by the powerful lessons of Missouri Baptist, and take them into your organization.

FISH! Tales: Sprint

Tap into the great way Sprint used and grew with The FISH! Philosophy! Sprint will show you how management stepped back and allowed the process to evolve and how any customer service-based organization can Catch the Energy and Release the Potential.

Each purchase includes:
A DVD containing all 5 films, along with a conversation guide for Building Trust, Peak Experience, Jump Start and Vital Signs. (Sprint does not include a conversation guide.)

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