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Code of the West, five short films featuring cowboy philosopher Red Steagall, offer timeless insights into the lessons of life. These moving poems are filled with proud, spirited ranch hands who live by a shared code of honor and integrity.

The values in these films—loyalty, honesty, teamwork, quality, integrity, risk-taking and leadership—are the foundation of every successful organization, especially those facing change or renewal.

Each Code of the West film, led by Red Steagall—named the Cowboy Poet of Texas—will help you start conversations that build and reinforce the character of your organization. They are excellent for opening or closing meetings, and any training session where you want to bring people together in a spirit of unity and purpose.

The Code of the West Collection includes:
Ride for the Brand
The Fence That Me and Shorty Built
The Maverick Way
Born to this Land
To an Old Friend

Code of the West

The Collection (all five films)
English: 15 min
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