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FISH! Tales: Jump Start
FISH! Tales: Jump Start
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Rochester Ford Toyota had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region, and employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable. But when a new owner introduced The FISH! Philosophy—things began to turn around.

    Owner Rob Gregory jump-started his organization by:
  • Sharing a vision of a customer-focused, fun place to work and inviting employees to participate in making it a reality.
  • Constantly telling everyone, especially customers, what the business was committed to, and reconnecting to that commitment every day.
  • Rebuilding broken relationships by being there for each other and listening to the other person’s perspective.
  • Working to improve himself rather than trying to change others.

Instead of seeing The FISH! Philosophy as a flavor of the month, the team at Rochester Ford Toyota saw it as a long-term commitment. Their willingness to stay committed helped them work through the inevitable ups and downs of change, and in the process the dealership improved dramatically in all the ways it measures success—human as well as financial. Jump Start will help you start important conversations about the kind of culture you are trying to build!

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FISH! Tales: Jump Start

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