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FISH! Sticks
FISH! Sticks
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It’s great to have an ambitious vision statement. But do people actually live it? FISH! Sticks gives you powerful tools to build commitment at all levels of your organization to your vision, mission or goals.

  • Commit helps people to find their place in the vision in a way that is personally satisfying and fulfills the organization’s goals.

  • Be IT is a way of staying aware—day to day, moment to moment—of whether your actions are in line with how you want to serve your coworkers and customers.

  • Coach IT is about helping each other to show up in a way that fulfills your shared vision. It is not a way to correct or reprimand, but to honestly and sincerely support each other in being the people we say we want to be. FISH! Sticks helps you create the trust, communication and commitment that bring a vision to life—and, most important, to keep it alive.

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FISH! Sticks

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