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FISH! is alive in organizations around the world—large and small, in all industries. Business leaders and owners, HR and training professionals, and individuals use The FISH! Philosophy to build cultures of service, trust, accountability and innovation.

Our FISH! films have been translated into 18 languages and are available in 38 countries. FISH! the book, which has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide, has been translated into 35 languages so far. We also offer FISH! products specifically for leaders and educators.

Contact your nearest distributor for information about ChartHouse Learning products.

FISH! Presentation Groups are authorized to deliver FISH! events and training in many international regions. Find a presentation group in your area.

Apply online to become a ChartHouse Learning international distributor with our distributor application form or apply to become a FISH! international presenter.

For more information about becoming an international distributor or presenter, contact Kris Mauricio at ChartHouse Learning's headquarters in the USA.

Kris Mauricio
Direct: 952-882-7323