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As the official home of The FISH! Philosophy and its four principles –— Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude — the consulting group of ChartHouse Learning inspires individuals to become alive and engaged in the work they do through a blend of FISH! experiences that include films, books, speakers, curriculum, life-long learning events and fun FISH! gear.

Our team of strategic OD experts, curriculum developers, speakers, trainers and other creative team members, will collaborate with you to customize the infusion of FISH! into your organization, tailored to any organizational goal – inspiring innovation, productivity, leadership, culture, teamwork, employee retention, customer service and others.

We are not a "training" company. We are a "learning" company. After all, training is what someone does to you, while learning is what you do for yourself. And that’s where we believe real transformation begins … when you feel it in your gut.

We believe that people learn best when their hearts and minds are both deeply engaged. When it matters to us personally, we own it and we work harder to learn and make a difference. ChartHouse Learning’s experience-centered approach is flexible and responsive, but most importantly, it makes sure that all of our brains and souls are engaged in every step of the process.

We’ll start where you’re ready to start.
There are many ways to infuse FISH! into an organization. Based on our learnings from organizations of all shapes and sizes around the globe, we’ve outlined a general flow of key experiences that help introduce FISH! and keep it alive in the long term.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on ways to refine this flow for your organization.


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