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The Dewitt Jones Series

Dewitt Jones
As a photographer for National Geographic, Dewitt Jones discovered the secret to a memorable photo was not inside his camera. It was inside him.

When Jones greeted each day with joy and optimism, his photos reflected his attitude. When he encountered a difficult challenge, a fresh perspective opened his eyes to possibilities he had not recognized before. When he looked at the ordinary, he saw the extraordinary.

In the Dewitt Jones video series, he shows your team how to achieve extraordinary results in your work by tapping into gifts that are already inside you.

Jones’ practical insights will help your team:
  • Deliver positive, helpful attitudes to customers.
  • Improve morale and engagement.
  • Solve difficult challenges.
  • Recognize opportunities and manage change.
  • Hone creativity.
  • Stay focused on your organization’s goals.

The Dewitt Jones series includes six videos, including:

Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones
Everyday Creativity
Creativity is not a magical gift open to a few. It’s available to anyone willing to view their work with an open, curious attitude.
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Celebrate What's Right With The World with Dewitt Jones
Celebrate What's Right With The World
A positive perspective doesn’t just make you feel good; it makes you more effective.
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Focus Your Vision by Dewitt Jones
Focus Your Vision
Clear, sustained focus is the difference between expressing a vision and actually accomplishing it.
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More Than One Right Answer by Dewitt Jones
More Than One Right Answer
This short video shows how looking beyond the obvious gives you the best chance of success.
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Juice by Dewitt Jones
Do you have “juice?” This short film inspires people to find the passion and joy in all they do.
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For The Love of It by Dewitt Jones
For The Love of It
Loving your job has less to do with the work itself than the attitude you bring to it.
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“So many things begin to change when you come at the world from that perspective of more than one right answer.”
—Dewitt Jones,
More Than One Right Answer

“By celebrating what’s right,
we find the energy to fix what's wrong.”
—Dewitt Jones,
Celebrate What’s Right With

The World

“Dream the dream, find that extraordinary vision, and keep it in focus.”
—Dewitt Jones,
Focus Your Vision

“Our perspective is what holds the key to whether the solution is ordinary or extraordinary.”
—Dewitt Jones,
Everyday Creativity