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John Christensen

John Christensen was seeking for a way to help people be inspired to live more passionately. In his travels, John, filmmaker and CEO of ChartHouse Learning, came across a little fish market. When he saw the incredible and electric atmosphere and the fishmongers enjoying their work and interacting with customers, he was moved. John says, “I wanted what the fishmongers had…I wanted to inspire people to live and work wholeheartedly, with purpose, while having fun. I saw how this passion would be something other organizations would want too.”

That initial visit created the original FISH! film, which led to The FISH! Philosophy. Little did John realize it would turn into a global phenomenon. FISH! now includes products and services that create a common language and tools for people who are passionate, committed and free to enliven an organization’s vision. Today, John continues to create the vision of helping people and organizations find wholeness and spirit in their work. “When you find wholeness and spirit in work, creativity and quality will soar,” he says.