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Tired of uneventful events?

Escape the ordinary with a FISH! keynote presentation. Our speakers bring The FISH! Philosophy to life in a way that inspires extraordinary insights and lasting results.

Our presenters offer possibilities, not prescriptions. They don’t try to fix or change anyone in the audience. Instead, they invite people to discover the power that is already inside them—the self-sustaining power that transforms individuals, teams and organizations.

Our FISH! speakers also know that while speeches can inspire yawns, stories simply inspire. They understand that a good story, drawn from everyday experiences we all relate to, helps people to recognize truths that are often lost in lectures.

So if you are looking for an experience that reawakens your team’s commitment, releases untapped creativity, and improves teamwork, customer service and retention, call us to book a remarkable and relevant FISH! keynote.

Our speakers are Deena Ebbert, John Christensen, Steve Mintz, Kim Hoch, and Alfredo Perez Ibarra (Spanish Speaker). They will deliver one of two presentations, FISH! or FISH! For Leaders, or we will work with you to tailor a keynote even more specific to your needs.