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FISH! For Schools has its roots in the video FISH!, which has helped millions of people around the world to bring joy and passion to work. Educators who watched FISH! said, “This looks like a great school culture!” Sure enough, we found many classroom management studies that confirmed their observations.

We took the four FISH! philosophies—Be There, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude and Play—and worked with educators to blend them with best education practices. The result? FISH! For Schools, a family of tools that help you build a positive, enthusiastic and focused culture.

FISH! For Schools helps you to create classrooms where it’s cool to respect and care about each other. Students feel safe and ready to learn. Instead of spending your time putting out disciplinary fires, you have more time to ignite learning.

We know you are passionate about making a difference for your students. FISH! For Schools gives you the tools you need to be a more effective educator.

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