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We place tremendous value on our relationship with all our business associates; it is the cornerstone of our success. We consider a ChartHouse distributor to be our partner, customer and colleague, and as such, we will listen carefully to your needs and expectations. We will work hard to provide you with information and materials to help you meet your goals, and we will do everything we can to serve your needs by ensuring that communications channels are smooth, and that you are provided with the necessary ChartHouse resources to conduct your business efficiently.

ChartHouse strives to be a world-class company with a name that is synonymous with quality learning programs and superior customer service. Our culture is one of constant self-improvement, and we are sincerely committed to building a lasting relationship with each distributor to meet their needs and expectations.

Distributor Requirements

The following standards are required for International distribution of ChartHouse products:

• An International Distributor will be required to sell or rent the Programs and Related Materials in sufficient quantities that the net combined value of all rentals and sales, calculated on a quarterly basis, exceeds the sum of $5,000.00 USD.

• An International Distributor is appointed to market, sell and distribute video, ancillary and printed materials to businesses and organizations. ChartHouse appoints a distributor as a nonexclusive representative during the term and under the conditions of the agreement.  Please contact regarding international requirements.

• An International Distribution Agreement is based on a term agreed by both parties from the date first written on the agreement. At the end of the term the agreement will be reviewed for a renewal basis.

• An International Distributor will promote the ChartHouse Programs in their general catalog, sales literature, advertising and telemarketing.

• ChartHouse does not grant the International Distributor broadcast rights, intranet rights or rights for streaming unless authorized by ChartHouse, nor does it grant the Distributor the right to rent or sell or otherwise distribute Programs to any organization, individual or business that intends to use the Programs for broadcast rights. ChartHouse will supply a digital master of the Programs to the distributor or inventory for the purpose of fulfilling orders for the sales of the Programs.

• ChartHouse does not grant to the International Distributor the authority to appoint sub-Distributors, agents or any other non-Representative employee unless authorized by ChartHouse.

• Distributor will accurately and promptly submit a quarterly Royalty Report to ChartHouse by facsimile or e-mail within 30 days from the end of the quarter.

• Subject to credit approval, invoice terms shall be due within 45 days of the date of the invoice.

• Commission rate is based upon the agreement arrangement.